Compare No More


A year ago, I was not able to look myself in the mirror and accept who I had come to be. I followed all the rules life urged me to, I even did more than I was told. I went and graduated college, I found a job that was not in my plans, and I did that job. I woke up everyday, going through the motions of life. My greatest fear in life is giving up, settling. Settling because I am scared and unable to take the next step. I tried to compare myself to my peers. “Well she hasn’t even graduated and we went to the same school, so at least I got that going for me.” These small comparisons helped me to justify that it was okay that I was not where I pictured myself five years prior. However, I soon discovered comparing myself to others, truly limited my overall potential. “Well, I’m doing better than they are,” or “I will never have that at that age,” that type of mentality was an unsettling one. I began to feel uneasy about those who were pursuing my dream of acting and those who were making way in the industry. I discovered I am no better or less than anyone who is out there giving life a try. We all have our struggles and our story is not defined by someone else’s struggle. Our experiences shape us, but they do not define us. We are who we strive to be. I am and will be all that I have imagined I would.

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