Connecting INside


What is connection without first recognizing oneself? I said this in my poetry and music show Sunday, Americans are in dire needs of healing themselves internally. All this madness and hate is within us, but it is not who we are. A year ago, I found myself in one of the darkest experiences. I was not who I knew I could be. I was lost, dealing with my emotions by numbing them through sex, and drugs. It didn’t matter that I had recently graduated college with honors and everything ahead looked bright; there was something missing. It is easy to get caught up in materialism, wanting to be something by having something. I had to discover that materials did not make me happy, it was temporary pleasure, and would never fulfill. Fill yourself up with love for yourself. To love myself has been the greatest healer of all time. I am able to confidently say, “Yes I am happy, Yes I am free, because I love who I am and who I will grow to be.”

– Wynter Eddins

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