Strenght IN Guidance

June 25th 2016


We all need guidance throughout our journey. I use to be extremely prideful, and still it is a challenge to ask for advice or direction from others. I use to believe I would come off foolish by asking for help. Even if the person was a friend, I did not want to seem uneducated about something. I have recognized that there is strength in guidance, which is this weeks’ theme for my poetry and music show. Coming up with this topic, seemed random, but now I know it wasn’t. Unconsciously this topic sparked in my mind and I have been dwelling on it for the past week. What does it mean to find strength in guidance? For me, opening up myself to others has only proved beneficial. Of course there is the risk, that I will be misguided or deal with people who will purposefully try to push me astray, however, if I let that notion close me off, then it is only I to blame. There is beauty in an open heart and connection; it is only an advantage to seek guidance in all we do. Without accepting guidance, how does one expect to be a true leader?

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