Blind Fear

I forgot to recognize the difference between love and fear. I was in a place where I feared the thought of leaving the person I was with alone. His insecurities spilled over daily and eventually created a toxic atmosphere in the relationship, one that became mentally and physically abusive. I thought fear and love wereContinue reading “Blind Fear”

Strenghth IN Guidance

We all need guidance throughout our journey. I use to be extremely prideful, and still it is a challenge to ask for advice or direction from others. I use to believe I would come off foolish by asking for help. Even if the person was a friend, I did not want to seem uneducated aboutContinue reading “Strenghth IN Guidance”

Connecting INside

What is connection without first recognizing oneself? I said this in my poetry and music show Sunday, Americans are in dire needs of healing themselves internally. All this madness and hate is within us, but it is not who we are. A year ago, I found myself in one of the darkest experiences. I wasContinue reading “Connecting INside”