Published Works

Adventures of Legend: Dino Planet

ADVENURES OF LEGEND: DINO PLANET is a children’s book series inspired by my amazing nephew Asher Legend Eddins.

An adventurous space explorer, Legend, and his rob-dog Techie, travel a planet filled with dinosaurs (they must be brave, brave, brave) all to save, save, save Legend’s missing scientists’ parents. Look out! A giant dinosaur is on the prowl, while his entire family must try to escape. Will Legend break free from the most terrifying dinosaur of them all or will his adventures end on…Dino-Planet?

Purchase Adventure of Legend: Dino Planet

Morph Bred – A collection of poetry

25th Birthday Party-1

MORPH BRED is a collection of poems that unveils the human condition. We all suffer, lose love, and gain understanding from it all. This book goes through the cycle we continually experience. Human beings are resilient rocks who will weather the storm, and go through the process of melting, cooling, and solidifying into their true purpose. We must embrace all personal experiences for the growth we desire. Lose, love, and live inside Morph Bred.

Wynter Eddins published book of poetry,  Morph Bred:

Purchase Morph Bred by Wynter Eddins

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