Below is Wynter’s current experience:


  • A Widow’s Testimony            News Reporter        Shalonda Shaw


  • Photography Student          6/2/15
  • Airbrush Model                          Lynda. com     4/1/15


  • Groupies                                        Short Film                    10/1/16
  • Dating Dummies                            Web series                 7/10/15
  • Revenge of the Flower Gang       Short Film                 7/1/15


  • Billy O’Leary Audition Technique
  • Anthony Gilardi Acting Studio (Hollywood, Ca)
  • Simply Acting- Andrew Magarian (North Hollywood, Ca)
  • Rifle Tactical Training (Downtown Los Angeles, Ca)
  • Vocal Coach Technique- Mel Tem (UCLA)

Special Skills:    

  • KungFu
  • Basketball
  • Hosting
  • Policy debater
  • Public speaking
  • Spoken word


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